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The reports below provide a summary of enrollment as of the census date, which typically marks the end of the add/drop period for the term. On this day, the college takes a "snapshot" of all student enrollment data, which becomes the "official enrollment" that is used for federal and state reporting and financial aid eligibility.

All of the documents below are in a PDF format and open in a new window unless otherwise indicated.

Fall Term

Fall 2023 Enrollment Reports
Fall Enrollment Trends, 2019–2023

Spring Term

Spring 2024 Enrollment Report
Spring Enrollment Trends, 2014–2024

Summer Term I and III

Summer 2023 I and III Enrollment Compared to Forecast

Summer Term II

Summer II 2023 Enrollment Compared to Forecast

Average Credit Load

Average Credit Load, Fall 2019–Fall 2023

Undergraduate Enrollment by Major/Minor

Combined Majors Report, Fall 2019–Fall 2023
Combined Majors Report, Spring 2020-Spring 2024
Fall 2023 Enrollment: First Majors Only
Combined Minors Report, Fall 2019–Fall 2023
Combined Minors Report, Spring 2020-Spring 2024

Additional reports, including historical versions of the ones presented here, are available in the OIE document library (login required) accessible to Dominican University community members only.