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Start leading positive change in fields of high demand and critical need.

Graduate Education that Transforms More Than Your Career

Your investment in a master’s or PhD degree is about more than just the next job. It’s about deepening your skills, expanding your leadership potential and preparing you for long-term success in your career. That’s the kind of return on investment you’ll find at Dominican University.

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High-Impact Curriculum

We develop our master’s and PhD programs using industry input and up-to-the-minute market research—helping our students enter career paths that show industry growth and address society’s critical needs. The result is a curriculum embedded with hands-on, experiential learning starting on day one.

Flexible Programs, Anywhere You Are

When you study here, you’ll be engaged in an academic community that’s forward thinking and inclusive—all while developing as a competitive and relevant leader. And with hybrid and online master’s program options, you can enjoy flexibility and convenience as you earn your degree. Join us in our commitment to professional leadership through ethics, community service, social justice and global citizenship.