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¡El Futuro Is Here!

This three-day conference will gather Latinx theologians, ministers, artists and other scholars to tell stories and share memories even as we build new cuentos y recuerdos in community with one another.

Presented Online
August 3 | 12:30pm to August 5 | 4:00pm
Rev. James Martin, SJ

Join New York Times bestselling author, Rev. James Martin, SJ, as he talks about his newest book, Learning to Pray: A Guide for Everyone.

Presented Online
September 16 | 7:00pm
Free; suggested $10 donation
Shannen Dee Williams, PhD

Join historian Dr. Shannen Dee Williams for a discussion on the moral necessity and ethical responsibility of disabusing the nation and church of the enduring myth of Catholic innocence during colonialism, slavery, and segregation. 

Presented Online
October 27 | 6:00pm
Free; suggested $10 donation

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