The reports here focus on the success and outcomes of Dominican University students. They include reports on graduation​ rates, retention, and the educational activities of our undergraduate alumni. Additional outcomes of Dominican University graduates are also posted on the College Scorecard website.

Student Outcomes

2019 Alumni Follow-Up Survey Undergraduate Outcomes Sheet (pdf)

Graduation Rate Reports

Graduation Rate Trends of Incoming Freshmen (pdf)

Student-Right-to-Know Graduation Rate Reporting, 2020 (pdf)

Graduate-Level Graduation Rate Report, 2019 (pdf)

Retention Rate Reports

New Freshmen Retention Rate Trends Through Fall 2020 (pdf)

Incoming Transfer Student Retention Rate Trends Through Fall 2020 (pdf)

Fall 2018 to Fall 2019 Retention: New Freshmen Detail (pdf)

Fall 2018 to Fall 2019 Retention Rates: New Transfer Students Detail (pdf)

Fall 2019 To Fall 2018 Freshman Cohort Term-to-Term Retention Trends (pdf)

Subsequent Enrollment of Rosary College of Arts and Sciences (RCAS) Graduates

Subsequent Enrollment of FY08–FY18 Undergraduate Completers (pdf)

Additional reports, including historical versions of the ones presented here, are available in the OIE document library (login required), accessible to Dominican University community members only.