The St. Catherine of Siena Center of Dominican University examines critical issues of church and society in light of faith and scholarship. 

2020–2021 Season: Compassion Across Distance – Caring for Our Sacred and Interconnected Community

Upcoming Events

Shannen Dee Williams, PhD

Dr. Williams discusses the moral necessity of disabusing the nation and church of the enduring myth of Catholic innocence during colonialism, slavery, and segregation. 

Presented Online
October 27 | 6:00pm
Free; suggested $10 donation
Patrick B. Reyes, PhD

Join Dr. Patrick B. Reyes, as we consider our founding and institutional vocation as a Catholic, Hispanic-serving Institution.


Rosary Chapel and Online
November 4 | 3:30pm
Free; suggested $10 donation
Rev. Roger Haight, SJ, PhD

Join Rev. Roger Haight, SJ, author of Faith and Evolution: A Grace-Filled Naturalism to explores what science can teach Christian theologians about understanding ourselves and our world. 

Presented Online
November 16 | 5:00pm
Free; suggested $10 donation

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