Dominican University administers several major surveys on an annual basis or a three-year cycle (pdf). Survey calendar and policy. The summary reports from these efforts are provided here. All of the documents below are in a PDF format unless otherwise indicated.

Alumni Follow-Up Surveys

2019 Alumni Follow-Up Survey: All Un​dergraduate

2019 Alumni Follow-Up Survey Graduate Level: BSB

2019 Alumni Follow-Up Survey Graduate Level: SOIS

2019 Alumni Follow-Up Survey Graduate Level: SSW

2019 Alumni Follow-Up Survey Graduate Level: SOE

National Survey of Student Engagement (NSSE)

2019 NSSE Data Dialogue Presentation

2019 NSSE Frequencies and Statistical Comparison Report

2019 NSSE Engagement Indicators

2019 NSSE High Impact Practices

2019 NSSE Catholic Consortium Report

2019 NSSE Comparison Groups

2019 NSSE Academic Advising Module

CIRP Survey of Student Engagement

2020 CIRP Incoming Freshmen Survey Presentation

2020 CIRP Incoming Freshmen Survey Profile Results

2020 CIRP Construct Report

2020 CIRP Theme Report

Graduating Student Survey

2020–2021 Graduating Student Survey Results: Undergraduate

2020-2021 Graduating Student Survey Results: Graduate

Student Satisfaction Inventory

Spring 2018 Student Satisfaction Results Presentation

Spring 2018 Student Satisfaction Inventory Results: Peer Group Comparison​​

Diverse Learning Environments Survey

2020 Diverse Learning Environments Survey Results Presentation

2020 DLE Profile Report

2020 DLE Factors Report

2020 DLE Themes Report

Click here for the survey calendar and policy.

Additional reports, including historical versions of the ones presented here, are available in the OIE document library (login required), accessible to Dominican University community members only.