Explore your options and understand the requirements.

We strongly recommend that all students have health insurance. Dominican University does not offer one student health insurance plan for domestic students, but we can help you research your options and enroll in a plan. Also, read our health insurance FAQ for answers to common questions about requirements and plans.

Full-Time Domestic Students

If you are currently uninsured, the Wellness Center can help you find affordable individual health insurance through Associated Insurance Plans, Healthcare.gov or Medicaid (for students whose income is less than $16,000 a year). Make an appointment with Elizabeth Ritzman to get started. Medicaid is no cost for eligible students.

Remember, you can stay on your parents’ health insurance plan until you turn 26.

Dental and Vision Health

Dominican University has added resources for dental and vision health to our health insurance options for students. If you need more information or wish to enroll, visit https://dom.studentbenefitplans.com/

International Students with F1 or J1 Visas

The US State Department requires international students on a F1 or J1 visa to have health insurance. The International Health Plan meets this requirement and costs approximately $75 per month. You can enroll by contacting the Wellness Center or Associated Insurance Plans at (800) 452-5772. Please see www.dominicaninsurance.com for more information.

Full-Time DACA or Undocumented Students

The International Health Plan is available to you and costs about $75 per month (2018). You can enroll by contacting the Wellness Center or AIP at (800) 452-5772.

Visit the Wellness Center Online