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Explore your options and understand the requirements.

We strongly recommend that all students have health insurance. Dominican University does not offer one student health insurance plan for domestic students, but we can help you research your options and enroll in a plan. Also, read our health insurance FAQ for answers to common questions about requirements and plans. And, if you need some guidance, reach out to us at the Wellness Center.

Full-Time Domestic Students

If you have healthcare coverage through a parent's insurance plan, you can remain on that plan until you turn 26.

If you are currently uninsured, the Wellness Center can help you find affordable individual health insurance through Associated Insurance Plans, or Medicaid (for students who meet eligibility requirements). Medicaid is a no-cost health plan through the state of Illinois.

International Students with F1 or J1 Visas

The U.S. State Department requires international students on a F1 or J1 visa to have health insurance. The International Health Plan meets this requirement and has a low monthly cost, which is billed to your student account. For more information, including premium costs, please see and/or contact the Wellness Center for Associated Insurance Plans (AIP) at (800) 452-5772.

Full-Time DACA or Undocumented Students

The International Health Plan is also available to you at a low monthly cost, which is billed to your student account. For more information, including premium costs, please see and/or contact the Wellness Center or Associated Insurance Plan (AIP) at (800) 452-5772. For additional options, contact the Wellness Center.

Dental, Vision, and Behavioral Health

DU students (domestic, international, or undocumented) and their families are eligible to enroll in voluntary dental, vision, and behavioral health insurance plans:

  • A dental plan with free dental cleanings and x-rays along with coverage for orthodontic services
  • A vision plan with affordable eye exams and lenses as well as allowances for eyeglass frames and contacts
  • A telemedicine plan (Teladoc) with unlimited doctor consults and mental health visits with a $0 copay
  • Affordable Care Act (ACA) plans and Short-Term Health Insurance

For more information on these options or to enroll, please visit Dominican Student Insurance Plans or contact Benefit Partners Technology at (877) 247-8817.

For any questions regarding healthcare access or insurance, please reach out to the Wellness Center to schedule a Care Management appointment:

  • Through our secure health portal: Wellness Center Online
  • By phone at (708) 524-6229
  • In person in the lower level of Coughlin Hall (016)