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The Wellness Center values and protects your privacy.

All Wellness Center health records are confidential and maintained separately from other university records. They are not a part of permanent student records.

Administrators, professors, residence hall staff, parents, friends and roommates cannot obtain information about a student or a student's counseling or health record except in the case of an emergency determined to threaten harm to the student client or others, or with the student’s written permission.

To waive your right to privacy and allow Wellness Center staff to share your health information with someone, you must provide a signed release of information (pdf).

To provide students with the highest quality, comprehensive care, Wellness Center staff members consult with one another and maintain consultative relationships with external service providers who are required to maintain the same standard for confidentiality.

Wellness Center external service providers often advise others in the university community about relationships with students in general but will never disclose information about a student without written permission except in an emergency.

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