In Dominican’s hybrid software development program you can develop as broad a skill set as you want, focusing in on specialized certificates or pursuing a full degree, depending on your goals.

It’s not hard to see why U.S. News & World Report has ranked software development as the overall No. 1 Best Job. From social networking apps and wearable technology to connected devices and increasingly autonomous vehicles, software is already embedded in our daily lives. Nearly ever sector, from business to government to academia and beyond, is growing more dependent on highly skilled developers who can write code.

To meet the demand, Dominican has designed a rigorous, flexible program that’s perfect for those pursuing a career change or a career boost. It is primarily online. What makes it even more unique: You can seek the master’s degree or focus in on a certificate, choosing from three of our in-demand specializations. The certificates are “stackable,” meaning you can combine them one-by-one toward the full degree, if you decide to go further.

Those who already have a background in coding, may qualify to waive foundation courses. The degree can be completed in less than eighteen months.

The curriculum is built to meet current industry demands and anticipate future innovations, and it provides a complete and diverse skill set. How do we know we’ve got it right? We designed it with partner industry experts.

MS in Software Development program flyer (pdf)

Learn more about how to apply or request more information to get started.

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