In Dominican’s Master of Science in Software Development program you can develop as broad of a skill set as you need, from specialized certificates all the way to a full master’s degree. You’re in control.

The design of our online software development program is as innovative as the course content. You will study online, yet still benefit from valuable face-to-face connection and personalized support through occasional, carefully scheduled evening or weekend videoconferences. For added flexibility, working developers who desire only to quickly pick up certain select skills can earn specialized certificates in those areas. Those who decide to go further can “stack” their certificates toward the full degree.

Dominican’s highly flexible master’s in software development is perfect for both newcomers pursuing a career change and experienced developers seeking a career boost. You can complete the full degree in just 18 months.

  • The convenience of an online program with the personal connection of occasional evening or weekend videoconference meetings
  • Broad, powerful curriculum designed with industry partners
  • Option to earn certificates in three of our in-demand specializations: web development, mobile applications development and database management
  • Certificates are “stackable” for those who decide later to pursue the full degree

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MS in Software Development program flyer (pdf)

What You’ll Learn

Our computer science faculty designed the MS in Software Development curriculum in close partnership with industry leaders to ensure it meets the highest current industry demands and anticipates technological advances in a fast-changing field. You’ll master the subtleties of applications, frameworks and support components; and you’ll learn to design, program, test, “debug” and maintain today’s most sophisticated systems. You’ll take a deep dive into an in-demand area of academic concentration: web development, mobile applications development, database management or software design. You’ll acquire the cutting-edge skills that top employers demand. Read detailed course descriptions

Dominican’s Master of Science in Software Development at a Glance
  • Time to complete: As little as three semesters (18 months).
  • Already fluent in Java and C#? You may qualify for course waivers that will further accelerate your time to degree
  • Students in the full degree program can choose from four areas of concentration
  • Non-degree students can earn a “stackable” certificate in three of those specialty areas: web development, mobile applications development and database management

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What to Expect as You Earn Your MS in Software Development

In Dominican’s software development graduate program you’ll find multiple paths to your career goals. Earn the full master’s degree in as little as 18 months, or take a more measured pace by earning “stackable” certificates in high-demand areas and combining them toward the full master’s degree.

Dominican’s expert faculty prepare aspiring and current developers to thrive in careers that will span decades. You will master current technology as well as gain insights needed to become a leader in imminent and future innovations.

Financing Your Software Development Degree

As a graduate student at Dominican, you’ll find the resources to help offset your tuition and costs. Options range from scholarships and student loans to campus employment and graduate assistantships. We will help craft an individualized plan for you to meet these costs. Contact the Office of Financial Aid to learn more.

We can be reached at (708) 524-6809 or

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What can I do with a degree in software development?

Software is fundamental to modern life. Every sector of the economy—from government to academia to business and beyond—relies heavily on highly skilled software developers to create everything from social networking applications to wearable technology. Jobs in the software development field are growing rapidly. Whether you’re a recent college graduate, a career changer or a career advancer, Dominican’s master’s in software development will prepare you to meet the market’s voracious demand for advanced technical knowledge and to thrive throughout a long and rewarding career.

What are some specific roles for software developers?
  • Applications programmers
  • Java developers
  • Web developers
  • Software developers
  • iOS/Android/.NET developers
  • Database analysts
  • Systems architects
  • Technology managers
What is the job outlook for the software development field?

Now is a great time to enter or take steps to boost your career in the software development field. U.S. News & World Report has ranked software development as the overall No. 1 Best Job. It’s not hard to see why. Jobs in the software development field are projected to grow around 25 percent in the coming years, according to some estimates. And U.S. Department of Labor data puts the median salary at more than $100,000. But the skills gap is large, and many jobs remain unfilled because of a lack of qualified candidates. Those with high-quality graduate-level training stand to benefit.

How do I apply?

You will need the following:

  • A completed online application
  • Official transcripts from universities showing all degrees earned
  • A GPA of 2.7 or higher for the full degree program
  • Non-degree students admitted to one of the certificate programs may elevate to degree-seeking status after completing at least three courses with a cumulative GPA of 3.0 or higher
  • Candidates for admission may qualify to waive up to two three-credit foundation courses, depending on their undergraduate coursework or if they can demonstrate proficiency in Java and C# programming in an exam

Before you apply, make sure you review our full application and admission requirements.

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