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Prepare to be a leader and agent of change in organizations and communities.
Please note: This program will begin Fall 2023. The application process begins Fall 2022.

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This interdisciplinary program will help you develop expertise in the theoretical components and practical and professional applications of social justice.

Become a leader who addresses pressing issues of social justice

Dominican’s Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in Applied Social Justice program prepares and educates professionals to take on important and rewarding work toward the global common good. As a student in this high-impact program, you’ll advocate for social and economic justice and equitable opportunities. You’ll also connect people and communities to information and resources while generating new knowledge that empowers individuals and diverse communities to positively transform society.

A PhD program designed for the busy professional

With all the demands of home and work, it can be overwhelming to consider pursuing a PhD. At Dominican, we designed our program for working professionals to intentionally offer unmatched flexibility. All classes are offered online, providing you the opportunity to significantly advance your professional education without interrupting your career and personal life. And unlike traditional residential programs at larger universities, Dominican’s PhD program can be completed in just three years.

Jake Bucher, PhD

Founding Dean, College of Applied Social Sciences

"We need more leaders across organizations, companies, and communities who understand the structural contributions to injustice and the individual outcomes of it, and more leaders who are committed to – and equipped with – the ability to reconstruct those contributions and improve those outcomes. For those who want to move up in their career and/or have more autonomy in their work, this degree will help towards that goal – and for those who want to make a difference and maximize their impact, this degree will help with that calling."

Experience the Dominican difference

Our faculty come from across the country and around the world. They bring visionary approaches to advancing the complex and flourishing field of social justice. Our cohort model ensures deep intellectual engagement and powerful professional development within a close-knit, collaborative learning environment. A team of advisors, professors and peers will accompany you as you work to achieve your academic, research and professional development goals. The program’s curriculum includes extensive research training, expanded theoretical understanding, and opportunities for high-level integration of knowledge into specific professional practice. This demanding, yet flexible, program will help you deepen your skills, expand your leadership potential and prepare for long-term success in your career.

Commit to a more just and humane world

At Dominican, you’ll experience a course of study that is crafted to cultivate professionals who share a set of core values, including a commitment to social justice, an understanding of the strengths and needs of diverse populations and a dedication to equity and excellence for all. The work of our graduates reflects the mission of the university and their responsibility to provide compassionate service and promote a more just and humane world. As a student here, you’ll immerse yourself in interdisciplinary learning that directly connects to real-world needs.