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Because we are Dominican and Catholic, Interfaith Relationship is an essential part of who we are and the work we do. Our interfaith interns actively engage in outreach to shape the environment of the University Ministry Center and its prayer spaces in ways that reflect a commitment to building community across difference. They create brave spaces where people of different faith, non-faith, and cultural backgrounds can listen to one another, build relationship, and participate in activities that promote the common good.

Programs include the interfaith potluck dinner, speed-faithing, dialogues & coffee houses, tours of different houses of worship, service trips, and interfaith prayer services.

We work closely with the Interfaith America (formerly IFYC) to train student leaders who are prepared to engage with religious diversity on our campus and beyond. Interfaith America promotes the idea that “a less divided and more pluralistic future requires new leaders at its core. When they leave college equipped with the vision, knowledge, and skills to positively engage difference, our religiously diverse democracy can and will flourish.”

To learn more about how to get involved with interfaith efforts at Dominican, contact Tara Segal