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"We are each created in the image of and loved by God, we are called to form relationships with one another, we are called to create a culture of encounter.” –Pope Francis 

Culture is an integral dimension in the ways in which we explore faith together as we learn about expressions of faith in light of culture. University Ministry cultivates spaces and opportunities for students, faculty, and staff to celebrate the many cultural traditions and practices that make the Church a diverse and living community. These are moments of deep immersion in histories and the lived experiences of various communities within our country and around the world. These moments of encounter invites us all to engage with rich and textured narratives presented within their complex contexts.

Celebracion de el Día de los Muertos 

As a community of faith, Dominican gathers each year for our Día de los Muertos celebration as a sign and living witness to those who have gone before us, a way of honoring and remembering our ancestors and ancestral roots. Each year, members of our community setup ofrendas throughout campus. These altars are dedicated to the memory of deceased loved ones and friends. During our celebration, we have a procession with Mariachis, who play traditional music as we bless, pray and reflect at each of the ofrendas. Our celebration ends with a community wide convivenvia, a time of festive celebration in sharing a meal. 

Students are always welcome to help in the preparation for our celebration and helping construct the ofrendas. Our preparation each year begins with a visit and tour of the National Museum of Mexican Art in Pilsen, where we explore ideas based on the Day of the Dead exhibits that are on display at the Museum. Students each year pick a theme for our celebration and our ofrendas reflect different topics based on the theme. If you are interested in assisting with our Día de los Muertos preparations, please contact University Ministry. 

Las Posadas 

Las Posadas is a festive Christmas tradition that reenacts Mary and Joseph's journey in Bethlehem as they search for shelter. This practice of faith involves processions, caroling, prayers and the breaking of piñatas. It's an invitation for communities to come together to share food and prayers as they reflect on the value of hospitality and inclusivity. Each year at Dominican University, we host our on-campus posadas where we have a procession throughout campus as we sing the traditional Posada songs and reflect on our commitment of building a more just and humane society for all. We end with a social where we share a meal and traditional pastries. If you are interested in assisting with the planning of Las Posadas, please contact University Ministry.     

Past Events and Annual Opportunities
  • Día de los Muertos: exhibit at the National Museum of Mexican Art and altars on campus
  • Cultural Heritage Liturgies: collaborations with Dominican University’s Polish Club, the Organization of Latin American Students, and Black Student Union
  • Interfaith outings: accompaniment outings with various faith communities across a variety of traditions including trips to the Illinois Holocaust Museum