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General Visitor Policy

We ask that visitors to specific offices and departments check in with the main campus Welcome and Information Desk (WID) at the south entrance to Lewis Hall. External visitor parking is available for two hours just inside the Main Gate on the circle off of Division. Guests and visitors planning to stay longer than two hours should get a temporary parking permit from the WID or from Campus Safety on the first floor of the garage. 

Any and all visitors to the residence halls must check in at the Coughlin Commons Welcome and Information Desk.

Campus Safety has an interest in ensuring that the privacy of its students, faculty and staff is respected, and that no activities interfere with education, research or residential life.

The university is private property; however, some areas of the campus typically are open to visitors. These areas include the Crown Library, the West Campus Soccer Field and the Performing Arts Center (Fine Arts). Even in these locations, visitors must not interfere with the privacy of students, faculty and staff, or with educational, research and residential activities. The university may revoke at any time permission to be present in these, or any other areas. Visitors should not be in academic or residential areas unless they have been invited for appropriate business or social purposes by the responsible faculty member, student or staff member.