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Edited by Margaret M. McGuinness and Jeffrey M. Burns

Contributor(s): Arlene Bachanov, Elizabeth Michael Boyle OP, James T. Carroll, Heath Carter, Kathleen Sprows Cummings, Diane Kennedy OP, Margaret M. McGuinness, Donna Maria Moses OP, Cecilia Murray OP, Christopher J. Renz OP, Ellen Skerrett, Cynthia Taylor and Janet Welsh OP

This volume tells the little-known story of the Dominican Family—priests, sisters, brothers, contemplative nuns, and lay people—and integrates it into the history of the United States. Starting after the Civil War, the book takes a thematic approach through twelve essays examining Dominican contributions to the making of the modern United States by exploring parish ministry, preaching, health care, education, social and economic justice, liturgical renewal and the arts, missionary outreach and contemplative prayer, ongoing internal formation and renewal, and models of sanctity. It charts the effects of the United States on Dominican life as well as the Dominican contribution to the larger U.S. history.

When the country was engulfed by wave after wave of immigrants and cities experienced unchecked growth, Dominicans provided educational institutions; community, social, and religious centers; and health care and social services. When epidemic disease hit various locales, Dominicans responded with nursing care and spiritual sustenance. As the United States became more complex and social inequities appeared, Dominicans cried out for social and economic justice. Amidst the ugliness and social dislocation of modern society, Dominicans offered beauty through the liturgical arts, the fine arts, music, drama, and film, all designed to enrich the culture. Through it all, the Dominicans cultivated their own identity as well, undergoing regular self-examination and renewal.

Preaching with Their Lives: Dominicans on Mission in the United States after 1850 is available for purchase through Fordham University Press in both print and electronic editions, as well as through other major book retailers.