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Dominicans at Home in a Young Nation: 1786 - 1865
Volume 1 of the Order of Preachers in the United States: A Family History
Edited by Mary Nona McGreal, OP

Research and writing by Dominican scholars, from documents found in designated archives of the Order of Preachers, the Catholic Church, and diverse American collections.

Table of Contents

Preface, Principles, Contributors and Foreword (pdf)

Preachers from Abroad, 1786-1815
  1. A Prelude: Friars from Spain Preaching Justice, 1510, ff. (pdf)
  2. Preachers in the Service of Bishop John Carroll (pdf)
  3. Three Controversial Friars (pdf)

PROFILE: John Connolly, Bishop of New York (pdf)

Americans on Mission Together, 1805–1865
  1. Over the Mountains to Kentucky (pdf)
  2. Friars and Sisters on the Frontier (pdf)
  3. Founding the Church in Ohio (pdf)

PROFILE: Angela and Benven Sansbury (pdf)

  1. To Michigan, Wisconsin and the Mississippi Valley (pdf)
  2. With Settlers on the Move (pdf)
  3. Founding the Church in Tennessee (pdf)

PROFILE: Ann Hanlon (pdf)

  1. The Friars at Mid-century (pdf)
  2. Sisters Mobile and United (pdf)
  3. On to California! (pdf)

PROFILE: Pages from the Kelly Diary (pdf)

Immigrants Called by Immigrants, 1853–1865
  1. A Call Heard in Bavaria (pdf)
  2. From Ireland to the Southland (pdf)
  3. From Regensburg to Racine: An Odyssey (pdf)

Glossary, Bibliography, Index of Printed Edition (pdf)

Publisher: Editions du Signe 1, rue Alfred Kastler 67038 Strasbourg Cedex 2 France
Publishing Director: Christian Rieh1
Director of Publication: Claude-Bernard Costecalde
Edited by Mary Nona McGreal, OP
Copyright: © 2001, Dominican Leadership Conference, USA
© Editions du Signe 2001—All rights reserved
ISBN 2-7468-0534-0
Printed in Italy by STIG

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