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See the tools and resources that the Brennan School of Business Financial Wellness Program has developed and collected to help the Dominican community achieve financial well-being:

Why not reduce your stress about money? Assessing and planning is an ongoing process that will allow you to make the most of your assets, and help ensure you meet your future goals.

Seeing where your money goes and creating a budget will also help you achieve your financial goals.

Earning a postgraduate degree can be a great way to increase your knowledge, skills, professional opportunities, and earning potential. However, an advanced degree can be expensive, so understanding your options to finance graduate school is a must.

Make the most of what your employer offers as benefits. Some are like “money on the table” that you do not want to forgo.

What does everyone with a metal credit card have in common? They are good at managing their credit. Knowing how to manage your credit and maximize your rewards will help your financial well-being and help you get better interest rates on loans.

Saving is an essential aspect for building a secure financial future as investing is an important aspect for building wealth

Graduating? Leaving the comfort of student life to enter the ‘real’ world can be scary. Learn everything you need to know about post-graduation life, from student loans to establishing a safety net, to saving, to investing!

Investing for Retirement (video)
Managing your Money After Graduation (video)

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