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Brennan School of Business 2024–2025 Tuition Schedule
Program Cost
MBA Degree $889 per credit hour
MSA Degree $525 per credit hour
MS in Healthcare Management Degree $889 per credit hour
Dietetics Classes (MBA-RD program) $750 per credit hour
Dual Degree Programs See below

This tuition schedule is in effect as of the Summer I Semester 2024. Please refer to the Dominican University Office of Student Accounts for information regarding fees, payment, withdrawals and refunds.

Dual Degree Programs

Students enrolled in dual-degree programs between two schools or colleges at Dominican will be charged per credit hour per course, according to the program that offers each particular course. For example, if you are registered for classes from both the Brennan School of Business and the School of Social Work, tuition for each course will reflect the tuition rate of the school or college offering that course. Please refer to the tuition schedule for each program of interest.

Financial Aid 

Please visit the Office of Financial Aid or email for information regarding loans, grants and all conditions, rules and regulations.


A limited number of Brennan School of Business scholarships are awarded to graduate students with outstanding academic achievements and test scores. Graduate assistantships are also available on a limited basis for students who wish to work with the faculty or staff while pursuing their program of study

MBA Scholarships

The Brennan School of Business awards the following merit scholarships based on prior academic achievement. The top scholarships are limited and awarded on a rolling basis.

Your GPA Standard cost per credit hour YOUR cost per credit hour Your total cost (assuming 30 credit hours) You save:
3.75+ $889 $740 $22,200 $7,500
3.5 – 3.75 $889 $790 $23,700 $6,000
3.0 – 3.5 $889 $840 $25,200 $4,500
Business Certificates Scholarships

The Brennan Executive Discount scholarship is awarded to all students admitted to the Graduate Business Certificate program. (Note: Students pursuing a Business Essentials Certificate are not eligible).

Standard cost per credit hour YOUR cost per credit hour Your total cost (assuming 6 hours) You save:
$889 $790 $4,740 $1,200

If you have any questions or for more information, please contact Dave Aron.