Finish your degree and advance your career in Dominican’s Bachelor of Professional Studies in Human Services.

Do good and do well! This accelerated major will open doors for you. You’ll complete your degree, gain communication and leadership skills, and prepare for a new chapter of meaning and achievement.

A practical, personal, powerful curriculum

In this interdisciplinary program, you’ll learn to write, research issues, analyze data and solve real-world problems at a whole new level. Our faculty will help you tailor your program to meet your specific professional goals. You can choose one or two concentrations in high-demand fields (such as labor relations, sustainability studies, disability advocacy, international studies, or training and development). You can even design your own concentration. As a Dominican graduate, you’ll join a community of 23,000 alumni who are making a difference in the public, private and nonprofit sectors as they pursue the Dominican mission of building a more just and humane world.

A program designed with you in mind

With all the demands of work and family, who has time for college? You do. This program is flexible enough to meet the needs of working adults. You can take all courses online, in the
classroom, or in any combination that works for you. You can transfer prior college credit toward your Dominican degree, and even earn credit for the knowledge and skills you’ve learned through life experiences. The university offers courses year-round in an accelerated eight-week format that enables you to complete your academic work in about 20 months. Why not start now?

Online Learning at Dominican 

Online learning allows you to earn a degree from a highly respected university without putting your career on hold. Our online bachelor’s programs are more flexible and convenient than traditional programs, but they are by no means easier.

Never taken an online course before? Don’t worry! Our Adult Learning Seminar will enable you to navigate and enjoy the online learning experience. You’ll receive all the tools and skills you need to succeed in your studies and complete your degree. 

Program Overview 

The Bachelor of Professional Studies in Human Services is a degree-completion program designed for working adults who want to earn the degree necessary for advancement in their careers in approximately 20 months (equivalent to two years of full-time coursework) The interdisciplinary program focuses on the fundamental skills of communication, research and writing, ethics and data analysis, all of which apply to a broad range of fields, and can be tailored to meet your career goals. You can:

  • Start the program whenever it’s convenient for you
  • Take courses throughout the year— online or in person
  • Tailor your degree to your career goals by choosing an academic concentration or two—or creating your own
  • Complete the program in about 20 months
  • Learn efficiently in accelerated eight-week courses
  • Transfer prior college credits toward your Dominican degree
  • Earn college credit for learning experiences beyond the classroom
  • Join Alpha Sigma Lambda, a highly regarded honor society for adults with exceptional grades

Our concentration model allows you to develop specific skills to match your career goals. In addition, the rigorous foundation coursework will prepare you for graduate or professional school. There’s also the option to take several graduate courses towards multiple degrees, such as conflict resolution, social work or library science.

Trista Skarlupka

Dominican Graduate

“The BPS program worked nicely with my schedule, and the professors were extremely helpful and kind. My advisor guided me every step of the way to ensure that I received everything I needed to complete my degree efficiently.”

Prepare for meaningful work in vital fields

The human services sector is among the fastest growing in the United States. What’s more, a survey of U.S. employers by Hart Research Associates found that 93% of bosses say that “a job candidate’s demonstrated capacity to think critically, communicate clearly and solve complex problems” is the most important factor in hiring decisions. That is the essential skill set of our human services graduates. Our curriculum will prepare you for lifelong intellectual and professional competence. Our alumni are skilled, thoughtful, informed professionals who can adapt and thrive through long and fulfilling careers. They have earned their way into leadership positions in the professions of their choice.

John Dooley

Dominican Graduate

“I knew that if I wanted a chance for a better career, I had to get my bachelor’s degree. Dominican’s curriculum stood out to me, and the online program gave me the freedom I needed to make college work. I will never forget walking across that stage at graduation.”

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