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Students will:

Goal 1

Create a positive productive learning environment.

  • Establishes expectations, routines and organizational and behavioral practices/procedures
  • Addresses the full range of class diversity and exceptionalities including modifying the environment and instruction to support the development of a learning community.
  • Creates and monitors interdependent and independent opportunities for collaboration and independent decision- making responsibilities in learning activities.
  • Analyzes the classroom environment and makes decision to enhance cultural and linguistic responsiveness, mutual respect, positive social relationships, student motivation, and classroom engagement.
  • Collaborates and communicates with other stakeholders to support positive learning climates.
Goal 2

Make content accessible.

  • Activates prior knowledge
  • Develops representations that are diverse in form and viewpoint of content
  • Uses technology systems and models to support instruction and enhance student learning
Goal 3

Positions students as competent.

  • Facilitates meaningful inclusion of diverse students
  • Positions students as individual and group decision making
  • Varies role (instructor, discussion facilitator, coach, audience, etc.) to optimize learning
  • Engages students in critical and creative thinking and inquiry in various individual and group structures
Goal 4

Teach towards instructional goals.

  • Creates short-term and long-term plans to achieve the expectations for diverse students
  • Evaluates, selects, and develops relevant, evidence based instructional content materials, technology applications, resources, & language for a differentiated learning process supportive of all students.
  • Differentiates and adapts instructional strategies and practices to make subject matter accessible to each student
  • Applies content area literacy strategies, reading, writing, and oral communication.
  • Creates approaches to learning that are multi-modal and interdisciplinary and that incorporate multiple content areas
Goal 5

Assess student understanding.

  • Uses and confidentially maintains accurate formal and informal assessments to evaluate the understanding, progress, and performance of an individual student and the whole class
  • Uses assessment strategies, devices, and procedures that are technologically, culturally, linguistically, and developmentally appropriate for diverse learners
  • Analyzes and uses student information, assessment data, student work samples, and observations of student progress to plan, adapt, modify, implement, and evaluate effective content area instruction.
  • Collaborates with all stakeholders in the assessment of students to interpret and clearly communicate performance.
Goal 6

Develop professional relationships.

  • Participates in the design and implementation of individualized instruction for students with special needs, ELLS, and gifted students
  • Collaborates with other teachers, students, parents or guardian, specialists, administrators, and community partners to promote and enhance students’ learning, well-being, and positive learning environments.