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Requirements to move from summer internship to year one of the program

  • Meet all admission requirements including any course deficiencies
  • Submit a Pre-Residency Assessment Project and earn a passing rating
  • Earn an acceptable rating on the Summer Intern Evaluation Tool or comparable instrument
  • Earn passing grades (C- or above) and maintain a GPA of 3.0 cumulative in all coursework
  • Pass the content test(s) required for licensure area. Upon completed pre-residency, candidates will receive their Educator License with Stipulations.

Criteria to exit from the program at the end of year one

  • Earn a GPA of 3.0 or higher to be considered for licensure and must have earned a passing score on all key assessments including the professional growth plan
  • Achieve a passing score on the DU-Teacher Performance Assessment (DU-TPA)
  • Receive ratings of “developing” or “acceptable” or “exemplary” on each of dispositions identified by the School of Education. Candidates cannot have ratings of “unacceptable.”
  • Be recommended by both the university supervisor and school principal based on a formal assessment of teaching performance. If either the university supervisor or school principal has concerns about a candidate’s teaching performance, the candidate may continue into a second year of residency.

NOTE: Those candidates who receive an overall “unsatisfactory” rating from the university supervisor and principal at the end of the second year of residency would exit the program without eligibility for entitlement for licensure.


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Courses for the Alternative Licensure Programs will be based on the requirements for the discipline selected. All of the following documents are pdfs and will open in a new window.