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Serve your community, gain an understanding of the social forces that shape our lives, find your voice, and build the knowledge you need to participate in creating a more just and humane world.

The Office for Civic Learning provides Dominican University students with opportunities to build a bridge between their academic lives, their passions for social justice, and their desire to engage closely with public leaders, human service agencies and policy advocacy groups.

Civic Learning Vision Statement

Civic Learning provides undergraduate and graduate students’ with courses and community experiences to:

  • Practice open-mindedness, civility, concern for the well-being of others and the planet;
  • Develop an informed and critical understanding of complex public issues;
  • Research and analyze civic and environmental debates and policy perspective, and
  • Build skills and connections to others to address difficult public problems, engage in public life, and work to create a more sustainable planet and pursue the common good.
Community-based Learning and Civic Learning

Community-Based Learning (CBL) provides DU students with course experiences that include service with community partners. In CBL courses, DU students take their education outside the classroom and engage with human service, environmental sustainability, and social justice advocacy organizations.

Civic Learning Office

Lewis 216

(708) 524-6670

Director: Paul Simpson

Student Civic Learning Team: Chloe Young, Naomi Moreland and Maria Sanchez-Perez