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The story of New Orleans is a tale of two cities—poverty and affluence, decadence and simplicity, tradition rooted in history and modernization, pre-Katrina and post-Katrina. You will build relationship with our friends in New Orleans and Baton Rouge, experience their warm hospitality, and contribute to the rebuilding efforts still taking place in struggling neighborhoods through our partnering organization—the United Saints Recovery Project. You will have the opportunity to do large and small home repair projects to allow homeowners to stay in their homes. We will experience a social justice tour of the Big Easy addressing the history and culture of the city from its founding through slavery and reconstruction, the modern period, and through the terrible events of Katrina in 2005 through to the uneven recovery. We will frame all of our work, learning and reflection in the spirit of the ongoing civil rights movement stopping at the National Civil Rights Memorial in Memphis, Tennessee on the way to NOLA.


University Ministry strives to make all of the immersion experiences affordable for every student. Please check back here once the application cycle is active to inquire about immersions costs.

Program Dates

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