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Voicing your beliefs and values and standing in solidarity with others at public demonstrations and protests have become hallmarks of this moment in U.S. history. Dominican University holds the values of caritas and veritas, love and truth, at the core of its mission and the way that mission is lived out in the world. 

Many members of our community—students, faculty, and staff alike—have exercised their First Amendment right to speech as a means of deploying love and truth to build a more just and humane world. The resources on this page are meant to equip you with knowledge so that you can be informed as you make choices about how to express your beliefs and values in the public square. 

Center for Disease Control Guidance on Minimizing Risk for Coronavirus Spread

Cautions and Guidance for Protesting as a Non-Citizen from a valuable Twitter thread

Amnesty International Guidelines for Protest Safety

Across Front Lines Protest Safety Guidelines – Addressing Safety and Human Rights Awareness

At Dominican, know that you can always find support in community. If you would like additional information or you would like a conversation partner as you consider whether you might engage in protest, please contact Paul Simpson, Director, Office for Civic Learning. If you would like to explore the ways that faith and non-faith traditions engage public life, please contact Tara Segal, Director, University Ministry.