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Workshop information for our conference is available below. Locations will be added closer to the conference date.


Location: TBD
Presenter: Nabil Tueme, Ph.D., Springtide Research Institute

The American Academy of Pediatrics, the Children's Hospital Association, and the American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry have declared the mental-health crisis among young people in the United States a national emergency. For young Black, Indigenous, People of Color (BIPOC), the mental-health crisis of their generation is amplified by historical trauma, discrimination, and other race-based forms of exclusion. Yet despite these stressors, young BIPOC are flourishing in many ways. Research from Springtide Research Institute shows that young BIPOC report rates of flourishing, agency, and self-esteem similar to their White counterparts. What do young BIPOC do to stay mentally healthy, and how can faith leaders better serve the mental health of young BIPOC in their lives? This workshop presents findings on from Springtide's 2022 report, "Navigating Injustice" to address these important questions and help faith leaders address complex topics like mental health, racial identity, and racial injustice from a sociological perspective.

Location: TBD
Presenter: Marta Pereira

With an increasing number of Hispanic young adults accessing higher education, campus ministries at Catholic institutions have the challenge and opportunity to offer a culturally responsive approach to support the pastoral needs of Hispanic students on campus while opening spaces for ministry leadership among their peers. This presentation which is tailored to colleges with growing population of Hispanic students but that are not yet Hispanic Serving Institutions, will also highlight the importance of partnerships within campus and beyond to strengthen initiatives that support the faith and leadership formation of Hispanic students.

Location: TBD
Presenter: J. Bernardo Ávila-Borunda

Nowadays, the LGBTQ+ Latine community experiences very particular circumstances and challenges. In this workshop we will explore some of these circumstances as well as some of the principles and practices that can help to carry out a fruitful ministry with the LGBTQ+ Latine community.

During the workshop, we will look at a brief overview of some of the identity elements that are important to our LGBTQ+ Latine students, such as the diversity of cultures that fall under the umbrella term “Latine” in the US and their approach to topics of sexual identity; the range of identities encompassed in the acronym LGBTQ, and elements of intersectionality.

Furthermore, we will explore how these intersectional identities affect the everyday life of our Latine students, and some of the practices that have been found helpful as we walk in the journey into God with the LGBTQ+ Latine students, and some approaches to ministry with LGBTQ+ Latine students. Additionally, we will draw our attention to some of the challenges and obstacles that hinder or discourage effective ministry with these students, and explore possible ways of supporting, encouraging, and fostering a healthy safe environment that can welcome and give room for growth to our LGBTQ+ Latine students.

Location: TBD
Presenters: Ingrid Bustos and Rosa Padilla Rincon

This presentation aims to create an understanding of the subject of protesting and being undocumented simultaneously. We will explore the risks of what are considered formal protests, and how the undocumented community runs even higher risks when joining them. Additionally, this presentation will tie into alternative protesting methods that can be just as powerful. Presenters will be sharing stories, real-life experiences, and holding intense conversations about what it means to protest from the shadows.

The focus will lay primarily within storytelling as an act of protest but will also approach other factors such as the experience of being undocumented in order to properly foster comprehension amongst those who may not be aware of the risks that come with protesting as an undocumented person. Ultimately our hope is to convey the unifying power that storytelling holds and how it is an incredible tool for those who are undocumented.

Location: TBD
Presenter: Melina Arguello Sotro

Over 60% of GenZ Catholics in the United States are Latino, and this number will continue to grow. The vibrancy of the U.S. Catholic Church, its ministries and cultural contributions, in large part, rest on the ability of Latino-American Catholic leaders to form, educate, and influence future generations in their communities and parishes.

This workshop will tell the story of the University and specifically delve into the collegiate (formation) and university (academic) principles as articulated by St. John Henry Newman which have influenced the fastest growing program within the Center for Catholic Studies at the University of St. Thomas, the Latino Scholars Program.

Location: TBD
Presenters: Yessy Hernandez and Adriana Cortes

Started in 2018, under the auspices of the Title V grant project: Strengthening Advising, Teacher Education and Our Hispanic-Serving Institution Identity (P031S170015), using an external provider; El Centro created the Academia de Familias as a program that provided support to the families of first-generation students with an intentional focus on sharing information around the transition to college life and resources available. In 2021, the program underwent curriculum and structural changes such as increasing the number of sessions offered, creating a bilingual curriculum and inviting administrative and academic offices to be a part of the presentations offered through Academia de Familias.

The Family Academy is now a fully institutionalized program coordinated by the Center for Cultural Liberation with ongoing support from various departments at Dominican University and external partners. This workshop will share the work of the Family Academy including its mission, its culturally relevant curriculum and testimonios offered by families. Participants will be invited to be a part of a guided activity to explore and brainstorm the creation of their own Family Academy / Academia de Familias on their respective campuses.

Location: TBD
Presenter: Milton Javier Bravo, PhD

Centering Catholic Social Thought is now more important than ever. From educational pedagogy, to administrative policies and procedures, to the student experience, Catholic Social Thought continues to provide a way of proceeding for our institutions during this critical moment in our history.

Location: TBD
Presenters: St. Mary’s University Chapel Choir – Arlene Chaidez, Chiara Cossio, Susy Ibarra, Emilee Pesina, and Danielle Rangel

Students from the chapel choir at St. Mary's University in San Antonio, TX will share what cultural aspects and practices have helped make the Eucharist a meaningful experience for the Hispanic campus community.

Location: TBD
Presenters: Reuben Burnley and Jason Harmon

Utilizing Dominican University’s mission from the Sinsinawa Sisters in recruiting Latino/a students to attend Dominican, this workshop will highlight best practices in recruitment strategies in underrepresented areas through community-based organizations, high school visits, and other recruitment efforts. Conference participants will also hear from the undergraduate admission office about how to work with departments on campus in the recruitment of Latino/a students and their matriculation through the college landscape.