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Haciendo Lio in Our Own Voices
August 1–3, 2023

In August 2023, Dominican University hosted a national conference designed to create a space for rich theological conversation and reflection for campus ministers, theological educators, and student leaders en conjunto (together). 

¡El Futuro Is Here! helps university ministers, theology departments, and key collaborators develop a means for our institutions to celebrate the cultural practices of our Latinx students and see them as constitutive of a vibrant faith life en lo cotidiano (in the everyday).  

We encouraged institutions serving undergraduate students to send thoughtfully constructed, small teams of 3–5 persons that will impact future practices on your campus. These could include campus ministers, faculty in theology and related disciplines, mission officers and/or administrators. In our efforts to build leadership and encourage young adults to be protagonists of the future of the academy and the Church, we ask that all teams include at least one and hopefully two student leaders.

Through the generosity of private funders, were able to offer ¡El Futuro Is Here! at no cost (transportation not included) to a limited, but substantial number of participants. The teams engaged in a series of conversations and experiences that celebrate the social, cultural, and epistemological contributions of Latinx communities, learn from nationally renowned experts in Latinx theology and ministry, and pursue more culturally responsive/culturally sustaining strategies for theological education and pastoral praxis.