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The art and work of students like Jaqueline Romo, Class of 2018 are just some of the stories, practices, and gente that we will explore together at ¡El Futuro Is Here! Jacky’s XV Station in The Passion of the Monarca Migrante provides some of the inspiration for our gathering. This piece, which was part of her senior thesis project, is used with permission of the artist.
Cuentos y Recuerdos for the Journey
Tuesday, August 3–Thursday, August 5, 2021

A virtual gathering

¡El Futuro Is Here!: Cuentos y Recuerdos for the Journey was an innovative and interactive, three-day virtual gathering of student leaders, university ministers, faculty and administrators who are interested in exploring the ways that collegiate campus ministry can be more firmly rooted in the diverse cultures of Latinx college students. The conference gathered Latinx theologians, ministers, artists and other scholars to tell stories and share memories and build new cuentos y recuerdos in community with one another.

Together, we considered:

  • The importance of familia in the context of faith and everyday life,
  • The rich tradiciones of the culturas that make latinidad in the United States such a rich diversity of comunidades,
  • And finally the intellectual ancestry that contributes an expansive understanding of relationships—i.e. la comunión del los santos.

These stories, traditions and people guide and support us and have paved the way for the future that is upon us.