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As a DU student, you can track your path progress by logging into EngageDU and scrolling down to "Paths" on the homepage. Experience your learning by engaging in these paths.

First 40 Days

The First 40 Days is a program to get DU students plugged in at the beginning of each semester. We want you to feel connected to campus, participate in new events and have a good time while getting to know others. You can also receive a free prize by completing the First 40 Days!

5-Star DU Experience

Dominican University provides many great events and experiences for you to get involved on campus and online. You progress in this path by attending events hosted by student clubs/orgs, offices and departments. These can include everything from social events like trivia, learning about civic engagement, self-guided LinkedIn Learning workshops to listening to a spoken word artist hit a wide variety of topics.

You will need to RSVP for the events on EngageDU via the event information and then make sure to get tracked for attendance for both in person and online opportunities. 

When you complete this path, you will have a choice of very popular give-a-ways such as sweat shirt blankets, DU water bottles, and other items.

Career Launch

Career Launch is an EngageDU path that sets achievement/career preparation  markers throughout your journey. The university knows and the research shows that your post graduation success is predictive based on steps you take to be prepared and we want you to be best positioned for the workforce.

Your Dominican Journey to Candle & Rose

This path highlights experiences at Dominican University that we hope you explore. We recognize that you each have unique interests, limited time and many responsibilities. With that in consideration, we hope that you take advantage of as many of the different opportunities as your time here at DU allows.