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At Dominican, our cohort programs provide collaborative learning communities for you to identify vocational pursuits, and build supportive relationships, leadership skills, and intercultural experiences. Cohorts are a key way to connect with other students, and who venture with you into and through college life. 

Transitions Program

Transitions is an intensive session before the semester where first-year students receive the tools necessary to handle the social, personal, and academic transitions associated with college life while working within a support system of student, staff, and faculty mentors.  Learn more.

Star Summer Science Institute (S3 Institute)

The Star Summer Science Institute (S3 Institute) is a two-week, residential program for first-year students who are interested in pursuing a STEM major and features opportunities to experience hands on research in STEM labs on campus. Learn more.


TRIO Student Support Services is a national grant-funded program serving students that are low income, first generation and/or have a documented disability. Learn more.

The Village

The Village is a leadership development program, which fosters retention, persistence and graduation, for students who identify as African American. Learn more.

Pillars Scholars

In partnership with The Village, Pillars Scholars is a program designed for social justice-oriented students who are interested in becoming the global leaders of today and tomorrow. Learn more.


Honors Program

The Honors Program curriculum intentionally focuses the energies of students not only on introductory work in various fields, but also on the skills expected of advanced students in their majors. Learn more.

Dream US

Dream.US is a program which offers scholarships for DACA eligible students. This program encourages students view of the city of Chicago through different lenses, disciplines, and perspectives. Learn more.


Fellows are connected to on-campus supports at Dominican and empowered to lean on the non-cognitive skills, such as growth mindset and self-efficacy, developed in high school to drive their success. Learn more.


Bottom Line's College Success Program serves students from their first day of college until graduation day. Learn more.