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From your first day on campus, the Village will challenge and support you to think big, pursue your passions and do your part to make the world a better place.

The Village is Dominican’s leadership development program, which fosters retention, persistence and graduation, for students who identify as African American.

‘It Takes a Village to Raise a Child’

This African proverb is the inspiration for the Village’s name. It reflects the fact that all of us need a large network of communal support to become the persons we are meant to be. You know you can do more, discover, create, give something back. The Village is here to help you. It will enable you to engage new ideas and acquire new skills in an environment where you can test them—with friends to support you and faculty and staff to inspire you.

We are Team You

As a college student, you need role models to help you grow, learn and earn your degree. You need to know that your university community has a serious commitment to your success. The Village is a team of Dominican faculty, staff, coaches, alumni and students who are dedicated to helping you open your mind, expand your horizons and prepare for a rich and meaningful life. Your Village team will help you to become a thoughtful, capable college graduate who is ready to make wise choices in the larger world.

At the Village, we are with you all the way

You have a vision for future success. At Dominican, your Village support network will work with you to ensure that you find the academic, social and career opportunities you need to make your vision a reality. Our tutors will help you master the most difficult subjects. Our internship program will provide you with hands-on experience at places like Argonne National Laboratory, AT&T, Disney, MB Financial Bank and Rush Oak Park Hospital. Our Office of Career Programs and Employer Relations will help you explore the world of work and put you in touch with Dominican graduates who already are making a difference in the world. When the time comes, you will be fully prepared to join them.

Some tolerate differences, we celebrate them

Dominican is a relationship-centered community. As our vision statement says, we educate “one student at a time in the company of others.” On our campus, you will find bright, curious, committed students from nearly every religious, racial and ethnic background. We embrace individual expression in an atmosphere of mutual respect. We see our differences as sources of strength. It makes for a vital, fascinating community.

What It Does

The Village works to enable you to stay in school and complete your college degree by serving as an active, committed support network. In your college years, you are likely to face many challenges: academic, social, athletic, financial, spiritual, or related to a possible future career. The Village is here to help you clear all of the hurdles of college life.

How It Works

The Village provides:

  • Annual financial stipends
  • Assistance in obtaining jobs and internships, on- and off-campus
  • A strong support system
  • A wide network of mentors
  • Workshops on academic, professional and financial success
  • Opportunities for social and cultural development
  • Preparation for life after college
A Committed Community

At the Village, we are faculty, staff, alumni and students who know our way around Dominican. We will make sure that you do, too. We will connect you with others across campus who are as committed as we are to your success. Are you looking for a campus job? We will get you to the right person. Are you thinking about a study abroad or internship opportunity? We will put you in touch with the Academic Support Center. Whether you are looking to join an organization or finance your education, our goal is the same: to help you thrive in college and earn your degree

A Comprehensive Program

The Village goes beyond what you learn in the classroom to help you develop your capacities in these key areas:

  • Leadership development
  • Scholarly engagement
  • Financial literacy
  • Social engagement
  • Cultural engagement
  • Career readiness