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Living Learning Communities are exciting opportunities for residential students with similar passions, interests, and/or identities to live alongside each other in the residence halls. Specialized programming lead by Resident Assistants and Living Learning Community Assistants promote co-curricular learning opportunities and build on topics and ideas students within the community co-create. Living Learning Communities are a truly unique living arrangement that intertwine collaboration, community, and learning beyond the classroom. Learn more Dominican’s Living Learning Communities below.

STEM Living Learning Community

If you are a resident student and a STEM major—or are interested in a STEM major—you have the option to live in our STEM Living and Learning Community (LLC). This LLC will bring together different STEM majors with mentor Resident Assistants and a Learning Community Assistant. There will be space for STEM studying and a study buddy always nearby. You will be able to choose the STEM LLC as a part of the housing application process. The STEM LLC is located in Coughlin Hall.

Pillars/The Village Living Learning Community

The Pillars Scholars community is a program designed for students who are interested in becoming the global leaders of today and tomorrow. The community partners with the Village, one of Dominican University’s leadership development programs, the members of this community live within a cohort in Murray Hall during their first year on campus, and Power Hall their second year on campus. Pillars and The Village foster retention, persistence, and graduation for students who identify as African American. The application process for this community is managed by the Center for Cultural Liberation and Office of Admissions.

Cultural Celebration Living Learning Community

The Cultural Celebration community is a special interest community for first- year students who hope to be part of a diverse living environment. This co-ed community is social justice-oriented and partners two Resident Assistants and a Learning Community Advisor. This community’s goals are fostering open communication and conversations on current events locally, nationally, and globally, and the impact of these events on the Dominican Community. This community is also the home to The Dream.US Scholars. You will be able to choose the Cultural Celebration Community as a part of the housing application process. The Community is located in Coughlin Hall.

Substance-Free Community

The Substance-Free community provides a positive atmosphere with mature students who respect each other’s choice to be committed to healthy habits and who abstain from substances such as tobacco products, alcohol, and other drugs. The substance free community is located in Power Hall on the North Wing of the 4th Floor. Students can select the Substance-Free Community as a part of the Housing Application Process. The community is currently open only to upper-class students.