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Why Encourage the Arts?

Young people who participate in and study the arts:

  • Have higher SAT scores
  • Employ stronger communication skills
  • Are better able to complete a task from start to finish
  • Are more resilient to peer pressure
  • Have higher self-esteem
  • Exhibit creativity and imagination
  • Are better prepared to live and work in our diverse society

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School Time Performances at DUPAC

Chamber Theatre

For over 30 years, Chamber Theatre Productions has provided students and teachers of literature, drama, and language arts with original adaptations of classic short stories. Please note: Performances are suspended until at least January 2021.

Theatreworks USA

Theatreworks USA are creators of theater for young and family audiences throughout the country. Please note: performances suspended until at least January 2021.

Theatre Works Box Office 1 (800) 497-5007

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Email or call our Box Office at (708) 488-5000