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Dominican University regards academic program review as a continuous process of evaluation and improvement that culminates every six years for a program in the writing of a self-study and undergoing a review by an external evaluator.

The chair and faculty of each program develop a review plan for the program. The elements of the plan include a mission and a set of program goals. Program goals include goals related to quality (e.g., excellence in teaching), curriculum, kinds and number of students to be served, adaptations or expansion of the program, etc. In relation to each goal the plan should specify outcome-oriented objectives, targets and planned activities to achieve the objectives.

A program plan must also specify ways to measure the success of the program administrator in achieving the objectives and/or reaching program goals. Ways of measuring program achievements may include both impressionistic techniques such as peer visits to instructors, classrooms, student surveys, or exit interviews with graduating majors in the program and other measures such as analyses of alumni/employer surveys or evaluations of teaching effectiveness.

Data resources to assist in the program review process are available on the Academic Management webpage.

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