Program Review Schedule: Fall 2018–Spring 2023
  Physical Sciences Fall
  Political Science Fall
  Theology Fall
  BSB: AACSB visit Fall
  PAS: ARC-PA Provisional monitoring visit Fall
  American Studies Spring
  Neurosciences Spring
  NUTR: ACEND visit Spring
  Theatre Arts & Music Fall
  Mathematics Fall
  Black World Studies Fall
  Human Services/Legal Studies Spring
  History Spring
  Studies of Women & Gender Spring
  PAS: ARC-PA Provisional monitoring visit Spring
  Computer Science Fall
  Core Curriculum Fall
  Psychology Spring
  Philosophy Spring
  Fashion (M & D) Spring
  Sociology & Criminology Spring
  Nursing: CCNE Site visit Spring
  English Fall
  Biology Fall
  Bachelor of Medical Sciences (BMS) Fall
  Communication Arts & Sciences Spring
  Conflict Resolution Spring
  Modern Foreign Languages Fall
  Art Fall
  Honors Fall
  SOIS: ALA COA Site Visit Fall
  Culinology Spring
  Study Abroad Spring
  SOIS: PhD. Spring