Prescribed Minimum Content

This document provides information as to what should be included in a program's self study. While it is not always possible for a program to address all of the items in this document, the program should attempt to address all pertinent topics to the best of its ability. Programs should not feel restricted to the items within this document and are encouraged to include other topics as the program deems suitable.

Prescribed Minimum Content (pdf)

Roles and Procedures

This document outlines the general procedure for an academic program review including the roles, expectations, and responsibilities of both the program and the Program Review Committee.

Process and Procedures (pdf)

Assessment Template

Programs are expected to include a 5-year Assessment Plan as part of the self-study.

Five-year Program Assessment Plan (pdf)

Program Progress Report

Approximately 2–3 years after its most recent program review,  programs are expected to submit an update as to the progress they have made with the program action items identified by the Program Review Committee and communicated to the program in the committee's response to the program's review. 

Action Update Report (pdf)