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Borderlands is a unique opportunity to serve and to learn in the space in between two nations, two cultures, two ways of life. It is a seven-day, six night service immersion to the U.S./México border communities of San Diego, California and Tijuana, Mexico. During the journey, students, faculty and staff experience and unpack the socio-political herida abierta, (open wound) that is the border between two peoples. We will explore the ways that the U.S./México border is more than a place. It is a metaphor for the way that our lives are the complex integration of many things: faith, culture, society, desires, fears, hopes and dreams. The borderlands are a place within us and a place that exists in the world.  

For information about our community partner in Tijuana visit:



University Ministry strives to make all of the immersion experiences affordable for every student. Please check back here once the application cycle is active to inquire about immersions costs.

Program Dates

University Ministry will provide updates on opportunities like the one on this page as they become available.