Update as of 7/13/2021

In an effort to provide relief due to the pandemic, The Department of Education released changes to the verification process for the 2021–2022 academic year. They are waiving the verification requirements for students except those related to high school completion and statement of educational purpose/identity. Schools are not required to collect documentation related to the verification of household size, number in college, and income.

Schools are still required to resolve conflicting information and look at documents that have already been submitted to ensure there is no conflicting information as well as monitor any FAFSA changes. 

Dominican University is waiving the verification document requirements of students who meet the exemption criteria set by the Department of Education. Students can monitor myDU to see any outstanding document requirements that have been waived.

ISAC has confirmed that schools are still required to verify Illinois residency to ensure students are eligible to receive MAP grant funds.    

Please note that students who submit an appeal of unusual circumstances and are selected for high school completion or statement of educational purpose/identity (V4 & V5) verification must complete the verification process related to those specific items first before the appeal can be processed. 

Each year, eligibility for an Illinois MAP grant is based on the results of the FAFSA or RISE Act application, as well as verification requirements. Students with an EFC greater than $9,000, students who filed their FAFSA after the MAP suspense date, or those not completing their first bachelor’s degree, are considered ineligible. For a MAP eligible student, the initial Financial Aid Award assumes the student will be enrolled for a minimum of 15 credit hours each semester.

If a student enrolls in fewer than 15 credit hours any semester, the MAP award will be reduced proportionately for that semester. For example, if a student takes 14 credit hours in the fall, he or she would receive a fall MAP grant of $2,564 instead of the maximum $2,748. Refer to the MAP Grant Level chart below for more information.

Semester enrollment will be verified with the State of Illinois following the last day to add or drop a class (generally one full week after the start of each semester and after the wait lists have been cleared). Only those courses required for degree completion will be considered for financial aid payment. In addition, MAP grants may only be used for tuition and mandatory fees, but does not cover other charges. In addition, MAP grants are non-refundable to the student.

Financial aid files completed late will have their MAP grant requested based on hours enrolled at completion of the file. For more information regarding Illinois grant programs, visit www.isac.org.

The following statement is an ISAC required disclosure for the 2021-22 school year:

By applying for financial aid and agreeing to share that information with the Illinois Student Assistance Commission (ISAC) you have been considered for the State of Illinois (IL) Monetary Award Program (MAP) Grant. All MAP-approved institutions are required by the State of Illinois to announce MAP Grant awards to students who are enrolled or intending to enroll at their institution. An award amount is included in your financial aid package if you have met the eligibility criteria.

The MAP Grant award amount is an estimate made by the financial aid office and is identified as a "State of IL MAP Grant (Est)". Please be aware that the number of available MAP Grants is limited by funding levels approved by the Illinois General Assembly and the Governor, and reductions to estimated or actual MAP Grants are possible.

There are also limitations to how long you can continue to receive a MAP Grant. Usage is tracked by the number of credit hours for which you’ve received MAP benefits and is referred to as MAP Paid Credit Hours (MPCHs). The maximum number of MPCHs that can be received is 135, which is equivalent to approximately four and a half years of fulltime enrollment. For your reference, and to learn more about MPCH limitations, you may access a record of your MPCHs, as well as other student resources, through the ISAC Student Portal at studentportal.isac.org.

Eligibility for the need-based MAP Grant award may be an indicator that you are eligible for state or federal benefits to assist you with cost of living expenses such as food or housing. For information about programs such as the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP), contact the Illinois Department of Human Services at 1-800-843-6154 or visit www.dhs.state.il.us for eligibility and application information, or contact the Illinois Hunger Coalition Hunger Hotline at 1-800-359-2163 or visit www.ilhunger.org.

MAP GRANT LEVEL CHART (maximum annual MAP award is $5,496.00)
Credit Hours Fall Spring
15 credit hours $2,748.00 $2,748.00
14 credit hours $2,564.00 $2,565.00 
13 credit hours $2,381.00  $2,382.00
12 credit hours $2,198.00  $2,198.00
11 credit hours $2,015.00 $2,015.00
10 credit hours $1,832.00 $1,832.00
9 credit hours $1,648.00 $1,648.00
8 credit hours $1,465.00 $1,466.00
7 credit hours $1,282.00 $1,282.00
6 credit hours $1,099.00 $1,099.00
5 credit hours $   916.00 $   916.00
4 credit hours $   732.00 $   733.00
3 credit hours $   549.00 $   550.00