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Financial aid disbursements occur after the add/drop period of the term has ended. View add/drop dates. Students must be enrolled in the term to receive any financial aid and student loan recipients must be enrolled at least half-time as defined by the student’s program. Students must also be meeting satisfactory academic progress requirements or have submitted an appeal that was approved to receive financial aid for the term.

Financial aid including scholarships, grants and student/parent loans are posted directly to the student’s account to cover tuition, fees, room and board charges. Financial aid resources in excess of direct cost charges may be refunded to the student. 

View information on the refund process.

The Department of Education publishes information on how financial aid is received at Please contact the Office of Financial Aid at (708) 524-6809 or if you have questions about the disbursement of your aid.

Click here for additional information on enrollment changes and your financial aid.