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F-2 Dependents

If you are currently in the US in F-1 status or will enter the US in F-1 status, your spouse and children under the age of 21 are welcome to join you in F-2 dependent status.

F-2 Visa Requirements

To apply for an F-2 visa, please be sure to check your Embassy’s webpage, but this list of documents is commonly required:

  • DS-160 visa application and fee, and any required photos as determined by the individual Embassy
  • F-2 I-20 produced by the school the F-1 student will attend
  • Proof of relationship (spouse or child-parent)
  • Proof of available funds to cover the dependent’s expenses
  • Proof of F-1 student’s valid status:
    • Copy of F-1 student’s I-20
    • Copy of F-1 student’s I-901 SEVIS fee receipt
    • Copy of F-1 student’s passport and F-1 visa, if required (NA for citizens of Canada)
    • Copy of F-1 student’s I-94 IF they are already in the US
    • Copy of F-1 student’s transcript IF they are already in the US

Please note your F-2 dependent does NOT need to pay their own SEVIS fee. Their I-20 is connected to yours, so your fee covers their I-20 as well.