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Social Security numbers are issued solely for the purpose of employment. They cannot be issued for any other reason, such as doing a credit check, getting a driver’s license, etc.

  1. On-campus employment: You may apply for an on-campus job after October 1. If you obtain a job, you will need to bring your passport, I-94 and I-20 to the Office of Human Resources and complete the necessary paperwork. Once all the paperwork is complete, you will receive an email detailing the steps for obtaining a social security number/card. The DSO will be copies on this email. You should make an appointment to see the DSO who will explain the process and give you the necessary papers to be completed before you go to the Social Security office.
  2. CPT: You must take your I-20 with the CPT authorization on page 3 to the Social Security office.
  3. OPT: You must take your EAD (the start date of employment must be on or before the date when you apply for a social security number) and I-20 with OPT approved on page 3 to the Social Security office.

In all cases, you must take your passport and current I-94 along with all other documents required.

You may go to any Social Security office. The one closest to Dominican University is in Hillside, Illinois.

For more information, visit International Students and Social Security Numbers.