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Data analytics is a multi-disciplinary set of processes, methods, and tools used to discover, interpret, and communicate new and significant patterns in data with the goal of providing insights that might not be detected via other means. Data analytics can be used in virtually any information-centric organization such as businesses, NGOs, education, cultural heritage institutions, clinical health care, and public health policy development. Data analytics professionals use statistics, machine learning, network analysis, and information management principles to develop processes for information extraction, pattern classification, and prediction modeling and can communicate technically complex issues coherently and precisely.

The SOIS Certificate in Data Analytics provides:

  • A theoretical foundation which includes understanding the implications of alternative data and knowledge representations such as rules, decision trees, and decision tables when planning, documenting, and performing data preparation tasks as well as identify and apply appropriate statistical, data mining, and network analytical methods to solve specific problems

  • A practical foundation in which students apply their theoretical knowledge to solve real problems and gain practical skills in collecting, analyzing and visualizing real-world structured, unstructured, and semi-structured data.
Data Analytics Curriculum
  • IM 704 Data Structures
  • IM 720 Data Analytics for Information Professionals
  • IM 884 Big Data and Competitive Intelligence
  • IM 885 Data Mining
  • IM 887 Network Analysis

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Additional Information

Certificates are offered for students currently pursuing a master of library and information science degree, a master of science in information management degree, or a master in business administration degree, as well as for post-baccalaureate degree returning scholars who want to add the specialization.

Students who graduate with a Dominican master's degree lacking one or more courses towards a certificate can enroll in the course(s) any time within five years of graduating in order to add the certificate to their transcript. Students must enroll as a student-at-large (credit-bearing), not as an auditor (non-credit-bearing).

Students seeking two certificates may use courses that "count" toward more than one to fulfill requirements for both certificates. In other words, if a course is eligible for two certificates the student need only take it once, and may apply its credit toward both.

Students may also combine this certificate with other coursework toward the Master of Professional Studies.

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