Be in demand! Dominican University’s cutting-edge master’s program in Information Management prepares you to thrive in one of the world’s fastest-growing and most exciting fields.

Our new graduate program puts you at the forefront of an emerging field. Today’s businesses and organizations enjoy unprecedented access to massive quantities of data. They depend increasingly on highly skilled professionals who can manage that information and make it available when, where and how it is needed.

This “information revolution” has created an abundance of challenging, well-paying jobs. The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that information-related jobs such as computer network architect and information systems manager are projected to grow rapidly over the next 10 years. Jobs in information security are projected to grow even more rapidly. The master’s degree program in information management aims to give professionals the expertise and skills they need to provide leadership in our data-rich world. 

You’ll dig deep into the problems and possibilities of information architecture, information security, data analytics, data visualization, user experience design, and digital content management. You’ll envision, develop, manage, and curate information and its systems; synthesize theory and practice within a dynamic and evolving information environment; and develop leadership, communication, and collaboration skills in order to successfully deliver and advocate for information services.

Dominican’s master’s program in this burgeoning field is tailored to your busy professional life. Our flexible, hybrid course format enables you to benefit from the personal interaction and focused attention of small classes—along with the ease of access and rapid response of online learning. MSIM Program Flyer (pdf)

A World of Career Options

Our MSIM program will prepare you for exciting work in positions such as:

  • Data analyst
  • Digital asset manager
  • Digital optimization analyst
  • Desktop support engineer
  • Business development analyst
  • Clinical informatics specialist
  • Medical informatics researcher
  • Clinical research associate
  • Information architect
  • Front-end developer
A Program That Fits the Way You Work

Our 12-course (36 credit-hour) curriculum features nine required courses and three electives. Cohorts begin each fall. Courses are offered over three semesters each year. You can complete the program in two years by taking two courses per semester, or you can finish faster by taking three courses per semester.

The first two courses are offered in eight-week segments in a hybrid format: four to five weekend sessions, plus online coursework. Additional courses are offered online or in hybrid formats. Electives are offered in a variety of formats—in the evenings and on weekends as well as online or hybrid.

MSIM provides a strong set of required core courses and a rich variety of electives. The required courses provide students with a solid foundation in the basics of information management—analysis, data, policy, and technology—and make up a majority of the coursework, a design that ensures competencies in these core areas. Within the set of electives, students can create their own learning plans or choose from four different specializations: cybersecurity, analytics, digital content management, or web design.


Cybersecurity is a field of study that involves technologies, policies, and procedures to protect data, computers, and networks from unauthorized access, theft, and malicious and/or inadvertent data corruption. The MSIM cybersecurity specialization will focus on data privacy, data security, and organizational security.

Web Design

A significant and growing number of systems deployed currently are web-based applications. The web design specialization will provide students with an overview of the software development process and the technologies required to design and implement web applications.

Digital Content Management (DCM)

Supporting and managing both the process and the outcome of digital content creation is an emerging profession for which graduates with an MSIM are eminently qualified.  In this specialization, students will learn skills that include content creation, long-term curation of digital materials, and records management.


Data analytics is another exciting career opportunity for MSIM graduates. This specialization merges information management with business analytics, which should prove to be a powerful combination. Three of the courses for the specialization will be offered through the Brennan School of Business.

The 12-course (36 semester hour) curriculum prepares students for professional responsibilities and leadership roles in a broad spectrum of information settings.

PhD Study

The PhD in Information Studies is a highly regarded and desirable credential for those interested in pursuing research in library information science, teaching at the post-secondary level, and-increasingly-those seeking or working in leadership positions in libraries, information centers, and a variety of other organizations. The PhD offers a concentration in Information Management.

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