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The URSCI Research or Conference Travel Support Grant program promotes undergraduate research by helping to defray the costs of independent student projects and student travel to professional conferences.  

These grants, up to $500 each, are awarded for: 

  • Approved supplies and equipment for a research project
  • Approved travel to a professional conference, or
  • Travel to a unique resource collection within the continental United States for the purposes of scholarly research.

All full-time undergraduates who have a GPA of at least 2.5 are eligible to apply. A Dominican University faculty member must sponsor the student’s application, though the student is responsible for completing and submitting the application.  

Examples of grant awards: 

  • A student, majoring in sculpture, used funds to increase her knowledge of mold-making
  • Two chemistry majors used funds to attend a professional conference to present posters of their research
More information can be found on Canvas. Self-enroll in the Canvas course to learn more.