Research, scholarship and creative investigations are the highlight of any students education. The pursuit of research gives students the opportunity to work closely with a faculty member or mentor and dive deeper into ones discipline or area of interest. The URSCI Director and URSCI Committee at Dominican are here to enable undergraduate students to start working on research. URSCI also provides financial support to students who need funds to conduct or present their research, gives scholarships to students who want to conduct research over the summer, and sponsors a number of undergraduate research assistantships.

Go to URSCI Grants and Resources to see our programs and start planning! Contact the URSCI Director Marion Weedermann at with any questions.

Each year, we also hold a day-long event, the URSCI Expo and Global Learning Symposium (GLS). This event has become a highlight of Dominican’s academic year. The next URSCI Expo and GLS will take place on April 7, 2021. Read more about the expo, resources, and past events.

Students have a lot to gain through research experiences and other forms of extracurricular creative investigations: 

  • Increased self-confidence
  • Enhanced intellectual growth
  • Increased understanding of what constitutes scholarship within a particular discipline
  • Clarification of your career goals
  • Opportunity to work with a mentor
  • Increased likelihood of applying to graduate school — and getting the results you want.


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