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Vision Statement

Theatre arts will provide human skills training to students across the campus community and cultivate theatre generalists, helping them develop competencies applicable to the theatre industry, other career paths, and their own personal wellbeing.

Mission Statement

The Department of Theatre Arts helps students to develop aesthetic sensibility and appreciation for all areas of theatre; to engage in respectful interactions with others and their environments; and to recognize their potential social impact and responsibility.

Identity Statement

Theatre arts is a positive, student-centered department committed to the growth of each individual. Our liberal arts program embodies an interdisciplinary approach, demonstrating the inherent value of all areas of artistic creation and emphasizing collaboration.

We foster hands-on, interactive methodologies in an encouraging environment. Students in any major can find a place in our inclusive atmosphere, where we aim to develop theatrical technique and impart human skills applicable to multiple career paths.

Student Learning Goals
  • Develop skills needed in professional arts environments that are also applicable to additional career paths.
  • Increase awareness and understanding of multiple disciplines used in creating live and/or recorded entertainment.

Student Learning Outcomes

Students will:

  • Demonstrate time management skills.

  • Employ effective communication skills.

  • Actively engage in collaboration toward a common goal.
  • Successfully complete coursework and/or practical experiences exploring four or more of the following artistic disciplines: performing (acting, singing, dancing, and/or other), technical theatre production, stage management, technical design (lighting, scenic, costume, and/or sound/media), directing, dramaturgy, play/screen writing.