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In this major, you’ll examine a wide range of fascinating approaches to gender and women’s issues. You’ll learn to write, think and analyze social issues at a whole new level—and you’ll prepare to use your knowledge and skills in a wide range of professional settings.

Prepare to be both a thinker and a doer

The Study of Women and Gender looks at our society from multiple angles. This interdisciplinary major uses the tools of history, philosophy, literature, economics, psychology, sociology and other fields to examine the experiences, challenges and roles of women in society. You’ll consider a variety of perspectives on femininity and masculinity, race and class, violence and crime, poverty and inequality, sexuality and reproduction, media and culture, politics and law. You’ll develop your capacity for critical thinking, expand your understanding of current and historical gender issues, and deepen your commitment to social justice. This major appeals to students who are determined to become not only successful professionals but also informed and effective agents of positive change.

More ways to learn—on campus and beyond

Practical, hands-on experience is built into our curriculum. In small classes, you’ll work side by side with outstanding faculty from many different academic departments. You’ll learn about leadership, argument, persuasion, conducting research, and the art of communicating across cultural differences. You’ll enjoy opportunities to combine academic study with compassionate service to people in need, in the Chicago area and beyond. You’ll even be able to immerse yourself in other societies and cultures—you can choose from among study abroad programs on four continents.

Aracelis Sanchez

Dominican University Graduate

“I wanted a program that was compelling and challenging and that gave me a sense of belonging on campus. I got so much more. I was able to work with great faculty and to study around the world, in China, Honduras, Haiti, El Salvador and South Africa.”

Amazing opportunities

Our majors complete a valuable capstone experience that provides hands-on, real world experience. It can be an internship, a community-based learning experience, a creative work or an independent research project. Our faculty will help you develop a plan for your capstone experience. The major embraces elective courses from many different departments, including English, history, philosophy, political science, theology, sociology and criminology. 

Many students complete a double major or a minor. Common choices include sociology, criminology, psychology, political science, black world studies, and international relations and diplomacy.

Each spring, Dominican holds a research expo, providing you with an opportunity to present your research and creative work to an engaged audience on campus. The university provides research funding to enable student to develop and complete their own investigations in close collaboration with expert faculty.

Prepare to succeed in fast-moving fields

A survey of U.S. employers by Hart Research Associates found that 93% of bosses say that “a job candidate’s demonstrated capacity to think critically, communicate clearly and solve complex problems” is the most important factor in hiring decisions. That is the essential skill set of our graduates. Our curriculum is designed to prepare you for lifelong intellectual and professional competence. In the workplace, our graduates know what they’re doing. They’re open to new ideas, comfortable with people in all their magnificent variety, and able to adapt and thrive through long and meaningful careers. They have earned their way into leadership positions in the professions of their choice.

Fanny Lopez

Dominican University Graduate

“At Dominican I worked closely with the faculty to develop my leadership, communication and interpersonal skills. It prepared me to succeed after graduation as a community organizer with immigrant rights organizations and to earn my master’s degree at the University of Chicago.”