Dominican’s Spanish major concentrates on the language and cultures of the peoples of Spain and the countries of Spanish-speaking Latin America. Advanced courses place particular emphasis on the historical and cultural aspects of Spanish-language literature and film. 

Spanish majors must complete 32 semester hours in the language beyond the SPAN-100 level. Required courses focus on: 

  • Advanced language skills
  • Civilization and culture of Spain and the Spanish-speaking Americas
  • Literature of Spain and Spanish America, including U.S. Latinos

SPAN 304 Business Spanish is the advanced study of written and oral Spanish as it applies to business and other professional careers. SPAN 209 Spanish for the Health Professions is an intermediate-level course that focuses on grammar and specialized vocabulary as well as on relevant cultural practices and perspectives, all of which are necessary tools for effective communication with Spanish-speaking clients or patients.

After completing the core courses in the major or minor, Spanish students may choose from a variety of electives. Some of the advanced-level topics courses have included Human Rights in Latin America, Mexican Feminisms, Revolutionary Figures and U.S. Latinx Literature and Film.

All Spanish majors are encouraged to study abroad during their time at Dominican. Students who study at one of Dominican’s programs overseas and wish to have these courses count towards the Spanish major must get prior written approval from the Spanish discipline director.

There are a number of internship opportunities available to Spanish students. Some of our current internship partners include the Goedert Center, GLOW Preschool, Christopher House and the Washington Internship Institute.

Career Opportunities

Within the Chicago metropolitan area alone, Dominican University foreign language graduates might work in international corporations, government, manufacturing, travel and transportation or education.

Foreign language majors tend to be curious and eager to meet new people and experience new situations. Employers welcome employees with these traits, so the career possibilities are almost endless.

Combining foreign language study with business or education coursework increases graduates’ career options even more. But interested students should seek faculty guidance early to ensure timely completion of all degree requirements.

The Department of Modern Foreign Languages prepares students to enter careers in:

  • International corporations
  • Banking
  • Government
  • Diplomacy
  • Manufacturing
  • Travel
  • Transportation
  • Interpreting and Translation
  • Law
  • Fashion design/marketing
  • Education


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