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In a global world, learning the language, culture, and history of other traditions is essential for students who wish to thrive and distinguish themselves in their chosen career path.

Students are encouraged to consider Dominican University’s program in Spanish Language and Transcultural Studies as complementary to other fields of study. In particular, students have the opportunity to minor in Translation and Interpretation or Latino and Latin American Studies.

The Department of Spanish Language and Transcultural Studies provides vibrant pathways for gaining linguistic and cultural proficiency. We pair small classes with diverse learning environments to bring out in students their greatest potential as global learners. Experiential opportunities, such as study abroad and internships, increase skills in communication and problem-solving. 

Explore the breadth of our course offerings, which include professional language courses and topics in literature, cinema, and culture and civilization. Our curriculum is designed for both second-language learners and heritage speakers of Spanish.


Spanish and Transcultural Studies


Translation and Interpretation Studies

Affiliated Programs

Latinx/Latin American Studies

Secondary and K-12 Education

International Business

International Relations and Diplomacy

Students are encouraged to further enrich their language study with experiential learning in the form of internships, participating in conversations and in guest lectures sponsored by the department, and study abroad. Real-world language practice embedded in the multicultural language classroom maximizes career opportunities.