The mathematics major offers students a wide range of courses leading to opportunities in education, statistics, finance, actuarial science, operations research, computer and information science, engineering and many other applied and theoretical fields.

Students majoring in mathematics may choose to earn a Bachelor of Arts (BA) of Bachelor of Science (BS). The BS option requires one additional course in computer science, natural science, biology, chemistry or physics.

Concentration and Minor Options

Within the mathematics major, students interested in working in the insurance and risk management industry can choose to add a concentration in actuarial studies. Students can also minor in mathematics.

Mathematics Education

Those interested in teaching math at the elementary or secondary levels can major in mathematics and complete the appropriate teacher education program through the School of Education.

Five-year BA or BS/MBA

Mathematics majors considering an MBA degree are encouraged to pursue Dominican’s five-year BA or BS/MBA program. Students should apply before the end of their junior year. They generally need a 3.0 GPA to be accepted into the BA or BS/MBA program.

Accepted students may enroll in two MBA courses during their senior year—one course each semester—and credit will be given toward their undergraduate degree. The remaining 10 graduate business courses may be taken when students complete the undergraduate degree. This shortens the time needed to earn the MBA degree.

Career Opportunities

Because mathematics is so integral to modern society, mathematics majors often find themselves in high demand after graduation.

Graduates can work in business, including in banking, insurance, manufacturing, logistics, market research and more. Recent Dominican mathematics graduates work at outstanding organizations like:

  • Abbott Laboratories
  • Cook County Assessor’s Office
  • FTD
  • Gateway Computers
  • Household Finance
  • Marriott Hotels

Mathematics majors who want to teach elementary or secondary school often find many job opportunities. Recent placements include:

  • Providence Catholic High School
  • Emerson Middle School
  • Harper College
  • Triton College

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