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Advance the long-term sustainability of Dominican’s financial, human, and environmental resources.

Dominican University is committed to its sustainability economically, socially, and environmentally to secure its ability to serve its students and community.

Economically, Dominican is building a strong fiscal foundation with balanced budgets and positive operating margins. This will be achieved through market-responsive program development and enhanced technology infrastructure that improves the academic experience and offers operational efficiencies.

Further, Dominican University will aggressively seek external funding, which is central to the ability of the organization to fiscally sustain itself, accomplished through growth in the endowment, unrestricted gifts, and grants.

At the social level, Dominican is committed to creating a diverse, anti-racist, and welcoming environment so that all members of our community can thrive. This will be accomplished through efforts to increase the recruitment, hiring and retention of Black, Indigenous, People of Color (BIPOC) faculty and staff.

At the curriculum level, Dominican will continue to design and implement new curricula that will address sustainability across its majors and programs. Committed to the sustainability of our physical environment, Dominican University will also strive to address sustainability practices throughout our physical plant projects. This will provide our community with a campus that values environmental conservation and sustainability practices.

Priority 4 – Goal 1

Enhance institutional capacity for growth in external funding.

Priority 4 – Goal 2

Strengthen faculty and staff recruitment and retention strategies to build a workforce to serve our diverse student body.

Priority 4 – Goal 3

Strengthen our operational efficiency for long-term sustainability and affordability.

Priority 4 – Goal 4

Embrace the principles of Laudato si’ to promote our care for the natural environment.