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Foster responsive and collaborative community, business, and alumnae/i relationships.

In an interconnected world, organizations that will thrive are ones that recognize the importance of community, collaboration, and connections. Dominican University strives to be a responsive and adaptive partner for businesses, foundations, individuals, alumnae/i and the performing arts community.

We will offer enrollment pathways that respond to changing market needs with curriculum and research that proactively addresses business requirements while preparing our graduates to contribute to the success of organizations.

Recognizing the critical need to innovate in an ever-changing landscape, we will develop opportunities for engagement that provide entrepreneurs with the training needed to foster continued development in their fields. Our rich history as a liberal arts institution has solidified our understanding that creativity and contemplation are essential elements of a strong organization.

Prioritizing the performing arts as an area where community engagement and reflection is possible, Dominican University aims to be a partner that acknowledges the complexity of the world in which we operate and seeks to be a responsible partner in providing venues for critical creativity and contemplation.

Priority 3 – Goal 1

Create mutually beneficial and sustainable partnerships with educational and mission-fit partners.

Priority 3 – Goal 2

Foster authentic corporate and nonprofit organization partnerships to secure increased opportunity for paid internships, embedded instructional opportunities, student and faculty research, experts in residence, and employment of our graduates and alumnae/i.

Priority 3 – Goal 3

Develop and launch a Center for Entrepreneurship to foster entrepreneurial mindsets among Dominican students, to build partnerships with relevant community stakeholders, and to advance minority and women entrepreneurship.

Priority 3 – Goal 4

Realize a vision for a revitalized performing arts center to further engage the internal and external community in speakers and the arts.